Charcuterie D. Polychronopoulos S.A is a small family-owned Charcuterie, located in the area of Fysses in the island of Lefkada. The Polychronopoulos family has been following faithfully the family tradition, ensuring that the meat is carefully selected within the boundaries of the region and that it is always fresh. The rich experience together with the passion of the Polychronopoulos family, create the ideal conditions for operation and development.

The company has participated in several beverage and food exhibitions in Greece and abroad, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Lefkada and the Prefecture Authorities of Lefkada.


Our Products – Salami and sausage – are made from the purest raw materials; we focus firstly on the natural way of curing and secondly, on the traditional technique of ΄΄binding΄΄, that has been used ever since 1950 until the present day.

Charcuterie D. POLYCHRONOPOULOS is exclusively based on Greek gourmet meats to produce the following products: salami and sausage. The traditional form of Lefkada's Salami is a small salami stick, weighing 250-300 grams and tied by rope. The same product is also packed in a vacuum bag for longer lifetime. In addition to that, our company also produces salami for cutting, weighting approximately one kilo, in the form of stick. Whatever your preference is, our salami is the best choice and one of the top delicatessen products.